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Coton Doux

Early 1988, Hassan, still a young student in business studies, was working every week end on a project in the world of art with his brother Kamel Mennour (founder of the Kamel Mennour Art Galerie). During this time he started his initiation to the World of Contemporary Art.

During this period, Hassan spent the majority of his time traveling, and visiting art centers, contemporary art fairs, art galleries, exhibitions both local and regional in order to enrich and enlarge his visual capacities.

Very soon his love for fashion helped an idea sprout in his mind: mixing fashion and art. He immediately decided to try to create a line of shirt for men and women with audacious and at this time unique colors.

In 1994 “Citron Doux” was born. It was quickly renamed “Coton Doux”.

Many collections followed, constantly renewed, inspired by places of Contemporary Art (Art Basel, Fiac, Frieze, Tokyo Palace,…). Thorough out all those years a friendship was created with certain artists. These same artists offered their ideas and their art to help him with his new creation and to show him their support.

In 1998, an encounter with Olivier Pacaud, now a colleague opened up a path for exporting his products. Later one with Suzanne Sarrandon (Thelmaet Louise) as well as one with an editor of the lifestyle magazine called “InStyle” (USA), who litteraly fell in love with his fabrics and boxer shorts boosted the company.

Later in the year 2000, Ramzy joined the team, therefore reinforcing logistics already in place and optimizing this rigorous process.

Coton Doux’s success was growing and Coton Doux built up a team of freelance graphic, photographic and design artists as well as a team of dynamic and enthusiastic young adults who helped reactivate and improve his creations as well as the brand’s reactivity.

Coton Doux's success is almost entirely based on the quality of the fabric, on the fabric’s originality, its subtle creations and the perfect presentation of the products each separately arranged in matching bags.